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Course No. Course Title Instructor Language Class Board
200.105 Principles of Economics 1 Jee-Hyeong Park English
212.201 Microeconomics Xifang Sun English
212.201 Microeconomics Elias Sanidas English
212.307 International Trade Elias Sanidas English
025.017 Introduction to Modern Economy Keun Lee English
212.204 Introductory Statistics for Economists Sokbae Lee English
008.213 The Korean Economy : History and Recent Changes Seung-Hoon Lee English
212.214 Mathematics for Economist Jihong Lee English
212.339 Game Theory and Its Application Jihong Lee English
212.305 Public Finance Biung-Ghi Ju English
212.301 Econometrics Yoon-Jae Whang English
200.106 Principles of Economics 2 English