[2019] 8th session Jinho Choi (Emory Univ.), Time: 2019-11-26, 05:00 PM

– Jinho Choi (Emory Univ.)
– Emora: Social Chatbot that Cares For You
– Time: 2019-11-26, 05:00 PM
– Place: #4 302
– Abstract: Dr. Choi presents a new conversational AI-based socialbot called Emora, developed by the NLP/IR laboratories at Emory University. Emora is one of the top-10 chatbots competing for this year’s Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge. Unlike many other chatbots whose main focus is to speak more about what they know, Emora spends more time listening to your story and understanding how you feel. After interacting with Emora, we want you to have the feel of talking to a close friend rather than being served by an information desk. This talk begins by demonstrating few limitations on the state-of-the-art chatbots from the last year’s Alexa Prize. Emora’s overall architecture as well as key components are then described, which are currently deployed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Finally, novel features in Emora such as common sense reasoning, user profiling, and personality development are discussed. We believe that Emora will be the first initiative to the true meaning of a socialbot, that is your daily companion.