2016년 제 7차 언어학(해외저명학자 초청) 콜로퀴엄(Johan van der Auwera/ Lenore A. Grenoble)

2016년도 제 7차 언어학(해외저명학자 초청) 콜로퀴엄

 - 일시 : 2016. 6. 16.(목요일) 오후 3시30분

 - 장소 : 신양인문관 국제회의실(4동 302호)

 1. 발표자: Johan van der Auwera (Univ. of Antwerp)
     주  제: More ado about nothing: on the typology of negative indefinites
     초  록: This study focuses on the frequency and the typology of negative indefinites of what is here called ‘negative quantification’, i.e., the use of the word like nothing in sentences that contain no clausal negator, such as I saw nothing. The frequency claim is based on a variety sample of 179 languages. The typology is also based on this sample but no less on the research literature and on consulting experts. For this typology a parallel is drawn with the study of negative concord, i.e., the use of nothing in sentences that do contain a clausal negator, such as You ain’t seen nothing yet.  It is claimed that one needs to draw a distinction between strict and non-strict negative quantification, just like is commonly done for negative concord. Like for negative concord the most important parameter is the position of the indefinite vis-a-vis the finite verb. The types of non-strict negative quantification and non-strict negative concord are shown to be very similar.

  2. 발표자: Lenore A. Grenoble (Univ. of Chicago)
     주  제: Contact-induced change: Russian, Altaic and the languages of Eurasia
     초  록: 첨부파일 참고