2016년 제 8차 언어학 콜로퀴엄(전선아 교수)

 2016년도 제 8차 언어학 콜로퀴엄

발표자: 전선아 교수 (UCLA)

일 시: 2016. 10. 4.(화요일) 오후 4시

장 소: 신양인문관 국제회의실(4동 302호)

제 목: Prosodic prominence and phrasing in syntactic parsing: Evidence from priming and individual differences

초 록: In a sentence such as Someone shot the servant of the actress who was on the balcony, it is ambiguous whether the relative clause (RC) modifies NP1 the servant (i.e., high attachment) or NP2 the actress (low attachment). Although the details of attachment preference are language-specific (Fodor 1998, Fernandez 2003), it is known that, cross-linguistically, attachment decisions are sensitive to the sentence’s prosodic characteristics, including the location of a prosodic boundary. This fact has been used to support the Implicit Prosody Hypothesis (IPH; Fodor 1998, 2002), which holds that the human sentence parser favors low attachment when the RC forms a single prosodic phrase with NP2, but favors high attachment when a prosodic break directly precedes the RC. In this talk, I will provide new evidence supporting the IPH based on two experiments using the structural priming paradigm. These experiments show that attachment decisions for a target sentence are influenced by an explicit, as well as an implicit, prosodic boundary in a prime sentence. They also show that individuals differ in their sensitivity to prosodic prominence and phrasing, and the difference is in part predictable based on “autistic”-like traits.