2017년 제1차 언어학 콜로퀴엄(Jeffrey Holliday)

2017년 제1차 언어학 콜로퀴엄

발표자: Jeffrey Holliday(고려대학교)
일    시: 2017. 4. 3.(월) 오후 5시
장    소: 신양인문관 국제회의실(4-302)
제    목: Phonetic and phonological considerations in the acquisition of Korean stops by native speakers of Mandarin
초    록: Over the past 40 years we have seen countless studies examining the second language (L2) acquisition of stop contrasts cued primarily by VOT. While these studies have been indispensible in developing models of L2 speech production and perception, it is not obvious how these models can be extended to predict the L2 acquisition of three-way stop contrasts, such as in Korean. In this talk, I will discuss some phonetic and phonological issues that complicate the L2 acquisition of Korean stops. I will then present some data from L1 Chinese speakers showing how the current models of L2 speech production and perception can be extended to account for this particular learning scenario.