2017년 제7차 언어학 콜로퀴엄(강윤정)

2017년 제7차 언어학 콜로퀴엄

발표자: 강윤정, 윤수연 (Univ. of Toronto)
일   시: 2017. 11. 10.(금) 오후 4시
장   소: 신양인문관 국제회의실(4-302)
제   목: Phonetic drift in the speech of North Koreans in Seoul: time of arrival and word-specific effects
초   록: In this talk, we report on the results of our study on the speech of Northern Hamkyeoung speakers residing in Seoul. The goal of the study is to examine to what extent adult North Korean speakers’ speech changes in their subtle phonetic characteristics due to the exposure to Seoul Korean and if such phonetic drift, if any, is modulated by word-specific effects, namely, whether words that are typically used in North vs. South pattern differently. These effects are predicted under the view that mental representations of speech sounds include word-specific phonetic details linked to episodic memories, which are constantly updated with exposure to new speech experience.

Production data are collected from 58 Hamkyeoung speakers who are currently residing in Seoul, balanced for the time of arrival (recent: 3 years) and age (young: 40yrs). Comparison data are also collected from 20 Seoul speakers. This talk will report on the analysis of two phonetic variables that are known to have different realizations in North vs. Seoul: (i) the degree of aspiration of stops (VOT) and (ii) the place of articulation of lenis affricates (COG).