1. Details
The SNU Linguistics Department has ten full-time faculty members who are experts in several different areas of linguistics. This diverse experience allows us to offer a comprehensive undergraduate course. Due to this, our department will not only satisfy students who want to learn varied aspects of language and linguistics, but those who are interested in specific linguistic topics as well. In addition, the department offers a variety of language classes, at different levels, on Italian, Manchu, Mongolian, Swahili.
There are about 70 undergraduate students in the department, including many regular or visiting foreign students, who came from Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines and South Africa. Two or three English-speaking classes are offered per semester. In a large number of classes, texts and class handouts are often written in English. Students are generally allowed and in fact are encouraged to use English in doing homework assignments and writing term papers and thesis.
Many graduates of the SNU linguistics department have continued to study linguistics in graduate school, either at SNU or abroad. After obtaining a doctorate degree, many have found teaching jobs in either linguistics or other language departments. Some of the graduates work as researchers in language research centers such as the National Institute of the Korean language.


2. admissions
For the admission of foreign students, regular or visiting, the linguistics department follows the general requirements of SNU. Please refer to The Office of International Affairs for relevant information.


3. Courses
Students who major in linguistics must take the following four courses:
Required courses: Phonetics, Historical linguistics, Syntax, Computational linguistics.
These courses are selected from each of the four research tracks of the department, i.e., phonetics/phonology, syntax/semantics, historical linguistics, computational linguistics. In order to obtain a BA in linguistics, the students must take at least nine other three credit courses among those offered in the linguistics department as shown below.

  • 100.129 Language and Linguistics
  • 100.130 Language and Computer
  • 100.131 Introduction to Phonetics
  • 100.132 Languages of the World
  • 108.208 Phonology
  • 108.223 Manchu
  • 108.225 History of Linguistics
  • 108.226 Morphology
  • 108.311 Semantics
  • 108.312 Historical Comparative Linguistics
  • 108.315 Syntax
  • 108.317 Sociolinguistics
  • 108.319 Linguistic Survey and Analysis
  • 108.320 Psycholinguistics
  • 108.321 Topics in Individual Languages
  • M1246.000500 Altaic Linguistics
  • M1246.000600 Indo-European Linguistics
  • 108.413A Computational Linguistics
  • M1246.001000 Statistics for linguistics
  • 108.414A Seminar in Linguistics 1
  • 108.415 Applied Phonetics
  • M1246.000900 Experimental Linguistics
  • 108.417 Language and Information Processing
  • 108.418 Seminar in Linguistics 2
  • 108.419 Language Pathology
  • 108.420 Pragmatics